What is a Parenting Coordinator?

A Parenting Coordinator is a neutral third party who helps high conflict divorced or separated parents resolve child related issues. One of the goals of a Parenting Coordinator is to reduce or eliminate multiple court appearances regarding children’s issues. A long term goal is to reduce the level of parental conflict and to create a healthier environment for the children.

What is the role of the Parenting Coordinator?

A Parenting Coordinator can serve various functions depending on the needs of the family. In most cases the Parenting Coordinator performs these functions:
Educational – The Parenting Coordinator helps the parents understand the developmental needs of their children and the impact of the divorce on the children.
Conflict Management – The Parenting Coordinator teaches parents communication and conflict management skills.
Mediation – The Parenting Coordinator helps parents resolve disputes regarding the children and the parenting plan.
Support – The Parenting Coordinator reminds the parents of the importance of putting the children’s needs first.

How does the Parenting Coordinator process work?

In Connecticut a Parenting Coordinator is appointed by agreement of the parents. In some cases, the use of a Parenting Coordinator is stipulated in the Separation Agreement as part of the divorce process. The goal is to assist parents in making decisions and resolving conflict regarding their children. The Parenting Coordinator initially attempts to get the parents to resolve the issue on their own. In this case, the Parenting Coordinator is acting as a mediator. If the parents are unable to reach an agreement, the Parenting Coordinator can act as an arbitrator and provide the parents with a decision regarding the parenting issue. The Parenting Coordinator’s role is to help in the implementation of the parenting plan. The Parenting Coordinator meets with the parents and children as necessary. Some of the communication may occur over the telephone or electronic mail in addition to in-person meetings. The Parenting Coordinator may also talk with other professionals as necessary to understand the family and the issues. Written decisions are sent to the parties.

How do you get a Parenting Coordinator?

By stipulation, the parties can voluntarily agree that they will work with a Parenting Coordinator who they have selected or has been selected by their attorneys. For some, it is part of their separation agreement. In some jurisdictions a Parenting Coordinator can be appointed by a judge.
Who pays for the Parenting Coordinator?

Most often the Parenting Coordinator fees are paid equally by the parties.

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