Therapy for Postpartum Depression

You’ve just had a new baby and this is supposed to be the happiest time of your life. Everyone expects you to be a joyful new mother who experiences happiness at each giggle that your baby makes. But what if that happiness doesn’t come so easily? What if you feel scared and overwhelmed by all these new responsibilities? What if instead of feeling adoration toward your baby, you feel resentful and inadequate? Does this make you a terrible mother – a terrible person? Absolutely not; what you may be experiencing is postpartum depression.

With therapy for postpartum depression you can learn to deal with these feelings and to begin to experience the joys of motherhood. As an experienced family therapist and mother of four children, Paula can help you create a plan to deal with the sadness, the exhaustion, and the feelings of being overwhelmed. Hormones and sleep deprivation can cause enormous stress to a new mom. Therapy for postpartum depression can help you experience the joys of motherhood. Couples therapy may help your spouse understand your needs during this stressful time.

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