Financial Marriage Counseling

Financial conflict is one of the leading causes of distress in relationships. If these issues are not addressed, they could threaten the marriage. In some cases, these problems come from a lack of money. However, even when there is sufficient money to support the lifestyle, there can be major disagreements over how to manage money. Each person brings to the marriage his or her own financial values and style. Your values about money come from your inborn personality, your childhood experiences as well as events that have occurred in your adult life. Your partner has had a different set of experiences and will have different values from you. Navigating these different beliefs about financial issues can be difficult. Financial marriage counseling can help you and your partner reduce conflict and get on the road to monetary success.

Paula is a Marriage and Family Therapist and a former CPA and she has a unique ability to understand the emotional aspects of monetary conflicts. She uses her therapeutic skills to help bridge the emotional and financial needs of each person to find a solution that works for the family. In financial marriage counseling you will discover your money personality and your financial compatibility with your partner. You will learn how to negotiate issues and create a joint financial vision. Paula has coauthored a workbook, For Love and Money, which helps clients work through financial issues. Financial marriage counseling can help you negotiate monetary issues effectively.

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