Co-Parent Counseling

As a Co-parent Counselor I work with families experiencing separation or divorce as well as those in the post-divorce period. In some cases, these parents continue to experience conflicts that impact their children. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with special training and expertise in child development and divorcing/separating families. I have worked with high conflict families for nearly 15 years. I am a mediator and a Special Master for the Supreme Court of the State of Connecticut. I can help parents to develop or implement a parenting plan and to formulate procedures for post divorce communication. Together we can navigate health, educational or religious issue. I can help you resolve issues regarding parenting time as well as holiday and vacation issues. This consulting role can help guide parents regarding what to say to the children when separating, as well as provide educational information on the effects of divorce on children, developmental expectations for children, and ways to navigate the changes occurring in the family. The children are supported in their adjustment to the changing family by improving communication between the parents, thereby decreasing the conflict.

Our sessions can be confidential or, with permission from both parents, I can share this information with your attorneys. We will work together to define the terms of this working relationship.

My goal is to decrease conflict and create a healthy environment for children transiting through divorce or living in a divorced family. Co-parenting counseling can save families time, money and aggravation by reducing conflict and decreasing court appearances.

About Paula Levy

Marriage Counseling, Couples & Family Therapy & Divorce Mediation in Westport and Ridgefield

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