Should You Stay or Should You Go?

To Divorce or Not to Divorce Should you stay or should you go?  In many cases, clients come to couple’s therapy with that question in mind.  Often, one person wants to continue in the relationship while the other one is ready to move on.  Can … [Read more...]

Do We Argue Too Much To Mediate?

You And Your Spouse Can Mediate! One of the biggest misconceptions about mediation is that it is for couples who are “getting along”.  I have been a mediator for over a decade and most of the couples that I work with are not “getting along”.  In … [Read more...]

Divorce Presentation by Paula Levy, MA, LMFT

Paula Presents Divorce Program at Fairfield University Paula will be presenting a program for mental health professionals who work in or want to work in the divorce field.  We will discuss the emotional implications of divorce and how to help … [Read more...]

5 Steps for communicating with your spouse

Couples come to therapy for several reasons, but more than 95 percent of my clients list poor communication as a significant problem in their relationship. Here are five recommendations for improving communication: 1. Find a good time to … [Read more...]

Co-Parent Counseling

As a Co-parent Counselor I work with families experiencing separation or divorce as well as those in the post-divorce period. In some cases, these parents continue to experience conflicts that impact their children. I am a licensed Marriage and … [Read more...]

The Effect of Divorce on Children

Although fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, dealing with divorce issues is never easy. For most couples, one of the greatest concerns during this life transition is the welfare of their children. Parents want to minimize the impact of the … [Read more...]

Did You Marry the Wrong Person?

“Did I marry the wrong person?” As a marriage counselor and couples therapist, I am frequently asked that question from my therapy clients here in Westport and Ridgefield, Connecticut. They are frustrated and saddened by the state of their marriage … [Read more...]

Marriage Counseling for Infidelity in CT

An interview with Paula Levy, Couples Therapist Ashton Kushner has had some and so has Arnold Schwarzenagger.  Affairs can happen in troubled marriages as well as seemingly happy ones.  Saving a marriage after an affair is not easy.  First, we need … [Read more...]

Marriage Counselor’s Tips for Discussing Finances with Your Spouse

Marriage Counselor and author Paula Levy co-presented “Couples and Money” a full day workshop, at the Ackerman Institute for the Family, in New York City, on November 4, 2011. Westport, CT (PRWEB) November 29, 2011 Although money issues have … [Read more...]

Money Secrets and Marriage

Recently, I was interviewed by a writer for US News and World Report. He was doing an article about the effects of money secrets in a marriage. He wanted my unique perspective as a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and CPA. Here is an except from … [Read more...]

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